Letras de Canciones de Little Simz

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  1. Venom
  2. Just A Dose (feat. Isaiah Rashad, Jesse Boykins III, Kent Jamz, SiR & Tiffany Gouché)
  3. Miss Understood
  4. Two Worlds Apart
  5. 101 FM
  6. Another One
  7. I See You
  8. Point and Kill (feat. Obongjayar)
  9. Protect My Energy
  10. 3000x (feat. Chuck20 & Josh Arcé)
  11. AGE 101 (Director's Cut)
  12. Backseat
  13. BAD (Lord Forgive Me)
  14. Bad To The Bone (feat. Bibi Bourelly)
  15. Bars Simzson
  16. Blank Canvas (Interlude)
  17. Boss
  18. Breakfast
  19. By The Way, Aliens Won (feat. Chuck20 & Josh Arcé)
  20. Cheshire's Interlude: Misled
  21. Cheshire’s Interlude: Stay
  22. Cheshire’s Interlude: Welcome to Wonderland
  23. Circles (feat. Melo-x)
  24. Closer (feat. Tiffany Gouché)
  25. Customz (feat. Bibi Bourelly)
  26. Damn Right
  27. Days Like This (Interlude) (feat. Josh Arcé)
  28. Deranged
  29. Desire (feat. Jimi Nxir)
  30. Devour
  31. Doorways + Trust Issues
  32. E.D.G.E (feat. Chuck20 & Josh Arcé)
  33. Fear No Man
  34. Flowers (feat. Michael Kiwanuka)
  35. Frozen
  36. Full or Empty
  37. Gems (Interlude)
  38. Good For What
  39. Gorilla
  40. Gratitude
  41. Have I
  42. Her (Interlude)
  43. Homosapiens Vs Aliens
  44. How Did You Get Here
  45. I Love You, I Hate You
  46. Interlude (feat. Bibi Bourelly)
  47. Intervention
  48. Introvert
  49. Is This Freedom?
  50. Kiki's Future (feat. Kent Jamz)
  51. King Of Hearts (feat. Chip & Ghetts)
  52. Know Yourself (feat. Tilla Arcé)
  53. Little Q (Pt. 2)
  54. Little Q, Pt. 1 (Interlude)
  55. LMPD (feat. Chronixx)
  56. Love In The Key Of E.T.
  57. Low Tides
  58. Mandarin Oranges Part 2
  59. Marilyn Monroe
  60. Might Bang, Might Not
  61. Morning by (feat. Swooping Duck)
  62. Never Make Promises (Interlude)
  63. No More Wonderland
  64. Offence
  65. On The Edge
  66. One In Rotation / Wide Awake (feat. SiR)
  67. One Life, Might Live
  68. Our Conversations (feat. BADBADNOTGOOD)
  69. Out of Sight (feat. yhyh)
  70. P.B.G (Pretty Boy Gangsta)
  71. Peace Of Mind
  72. Phases (Feat. SiR)
  73. Picture Perfect
  74. Poison Ivy (feat. Tilla Arcé)
  75. Pressure
  76. Problems (feat. Space Age)
  77. Quest Luv (feat. Tilla Arcé)
  78. Rollin' Stone
  79. Saur-Renity Rap-Tiles (Interlude)
  80. Savage (Freestyle)
  81. Sea Level (feat. ALXA & Mick Jenkins)
  82. Selfish (feat. Cleo Sol)
  83. Shadows
  84. SHE
  85. Sherbet Sunset
  86. Shotgun (feat. Syd)
  87. Sleep Paralysis (feat. Emerson Brooks)
  88. Speed
  89. Stained Subconsciousness (feat. Chuck20)
  90. Standing Ovation
  91. Starry Eyed
  92. Stay
  93. Subject Matters
  94. Tattoos (feat. Josh Arcé & Tilla Arcé)
  95. The Bells
  96. The Book (feat. OTG BRITANIA)
  97. The Garden (Interlude)
  98. The Hamptons
  99. The Rapper That Came To Tea (Interlude)
  100. The Square
  101. Therapy
  102. Used To Know
  103. Venom (Remix)
  104. Where's My Lighter
  105. Woman (feat. Cleo Sol)
  106. Wounds
  107. Yesterday's Painting (Ft. Tilla Arcé)
  108. You Should Call Mum
  109. Zone 3 (feat. Chuck20, Josh Arcé & Tilla Arcé)
  110. Far Away
  111. Power
  112. I Ain’t Feelin It
  113. SOS
  114. Torch
  115. Fever
  116. Mood Swings

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